Alex Geibel’s Credits

I had a great expirience working with Alex and I’m looking forward to work with him again.

Alex Kidd
DJ & Producer (Hard With Style, Doorn Records, Wolf Clan)

No second chance needed for this man. He hits the target straight away.

Nocturnal Ritual
DJ's and Producers

New Loud Mastering is fast, communicative, and most importantly, takes the time to work with us to ensure our mastered recordings sound as good as sonically possible. I appreciate the fact that Alex is meticulous and appears to take great pride in his work!

DJ & Label Manager (Kontaminated Recordings)

Working with Alex Geibel is always a pleasure. He’s professional, patient, gives helpful feedback on mixdowns and does BADASS masterings!

D. Leinesser
Label Manager: DEQUINOX

For me Alex is one of best mixing/mastering engineers especially for harder styles music. He knows exactly what he has to do and the fantastic sounding results of so many tracks he was involved speaks for itself!


The following is an excerpt of Alex Geibel’s production and engineering credits. It’s impossible to give a complete list, but we try to keep it as complete as possible

Aleksei Brishton

“Dance” – Stereo Mastering

“Piano” – Stereo Mastering

Alex Kidd

“Best DJ’s” – Stereo Mastering

“Rave Party” – Stereo Mastering


“Control Center” – Stereo Mastering

Bit Bangerz

“Bangalore” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Bombenalarm” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Der Fette Frank” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Diese Nacht Gehört Mir” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Higher Remix” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Lasershow” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Marmelade Für Die Banane” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Partymachine” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Tanzbefehl” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Vollkontakt (feat. Bordaline)” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Wohnzimmerdisco (feat. Uso)” – Production, Mix & Mastering

Blake Sparkles

“I Can’t Breathe (feat. Kai Hicks & Lil Peezi)” – Mix & Mastering

Bright Lights

“Strong Enough” – Stereo Mastering

Capital Kings

“In The Wild” – Mix & Mastering

Chase Force

“United In Scream” – Mix & Mastering


“Music Is My Weapon Remix” – Stereo Mastering

Cyber P

“Bombenalarm Remix” – Mix & Mastering


“Tornado” – Stereo Mastering

“Welcome To Dequinox” – Stereo Mastering

“Who’s The Boss” – Stereo Mastering

Daniel Atari

“Cyclope” – Stereo Mastering

Deadly Buddah

“King Of Style” – Stereo Mastering


“Fear” – Stereo Mastering

Decipher & Nocturnal Ritual

“Disobidience feat. MC Frustrator” – Stereo Mastering


Delirium & Satroniq

“How Much Can You Take” – Stereo Mastering

“Egyptian Cougar” – Stereo Mastering

Destructive Tendencies

“Plot & Scheme feat. Noize Bangerz” – Co-Production

Diatology Records

“Enter The DJ” – Assistent Engineer

“Galaxy” – Assistent Engineer

“Gyroskope” – Assistent Engineer

“P.L.A.R.S” – Assistent Engineer

Dilip Reddy

“In The Wind” – Stereo Mastering


“Ole'” – Stereo Mastering

DJ Bike

“Bike’s Drum” – Re-Mastering

“Holes In Your Chest (feat. Da Mouth Of Madness)” – Re-Mastering

DJ Mad Dog

“Dog Fight” – Stem Mastering

“Why Me” – Stem Mastering

DJ Mad Dog & Noize Suppressor

“#MFFYF (feat. Rob Gee)”  – Stereo Mastering

DJ Kiimiik

“Hardness” – Mix & Mastering

DJ Treachery

“Enemy Of God” – Stereo Mastering

“Midnight Betray” – Stem Mastering

“Raw Hardcore” – Stereo Mastering

“Fantasyland Anthem” – Stereo Mastering

DJ Vice

“Heart Of Vice Intro” – Production, Mix & Mastering

Dominik Schwarz

“Dawn Of Night” – Stereo Mastering

“The Other Side” – Stereo Mastering

Doom Mekanik

“Muscle By Muscle” – Stereo Mastering

“There Is No Other World” – Stereo Mastering

Drokz & The Vizitor

“FML” – Stereo Mastering


“Maniac” – Stereo Mastering


“Canary” – Mix & Mastering


“Welcome To My World” – Stereo Mastering

Gareth Emery

“Beautiful Rage” – Assistent Engineer

“Dynamite (feat. Christina Novelli)” – Assistent Engineer

“Entrada” – Assistent Engineer

“Eye Of The Storm (feat. Gavin Beach)” – Assistent Engineer

“Firebird” – Assistent Engineer

“Javelin (feat. Ben Gold)” – Assistent Engineer

“Ligths & Thunder (feat. Krewella)” – Assistent Engineer

“Long Way Home” – Assistent Engineer

“Million Years – Assistent Engineer

“Soldier” – Assistent Engineer

“U (feat. Bo Bruce)” – Assistent Engineer

General Guyble

“Anger In The Nation” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Azz, Girlz, Tittiez, Muzic” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Boobies” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Emergency” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Forgive You Remix” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Fucking Bass” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“I Will Fuck You Up” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Lasershow Remix” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Make This Country Great Again” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Missionary Position” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Original” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Religion” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Stop, Look, Dig It” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“Vietnam” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“You’re Not Alone” – Production, Mix & Mastering

“You’re Not Scary” – Production, Mix & Mastering

General Guyble & Osiris

“Something Rude” – Production, Mix & Mastering

General Guyble & Point Blank

“All The Way – Co-Production, Mix & Mastering

“White Flag” – Co-Production, Mix & Mastering


“How To Break A Heart (feat. Bright Lights)” – Assistant Engineer

Intended For Zombies

“All Black Leather” – Stem Mastering

“Monument 35” – Stem Mastering

“Wah City” – Stem Mastering

J-Roon & Kosmix

“Deafening Silence” – Stereo Mastering

Jacob Shorai

“Booster Ignition” – Mix & Mastering

John Bass

“The Power Of XTC feat. Lenny Dee” – Stereo Mastering

Jupiter Cartel

“6 God” – Stereo Mastering

“Big Poppa” – Stereo Mastering

“Habits (Stay High)” – Stem Mastering

“Let Me See You” – Stem Mastering

“Ley Lines” – Stem Mastering

“Lips Are Moving” – Stem Mastering

“Take It” – Stem Mastering


KM Systems

“Brutal Funk” – Stereo Mastering

“Devil’s Reaper” – Stereo Mastering

“F’ck This Place” – Stereo Mastering

Lil Jon

“Ladies Bithday Anthem” – Assistent Engineer

“Turn Down For What Remix (feat. Pitbull & Ludacris)” – Assistent Engineer

“Turn Down For What (Dancehall Remix)” – Assistent Engineer


“My Mind” – Stereo Mastering

“Trippin” – Stereo Mastering

Lenny Dee

“Punch U In Your Face” – Stereo Mastering


“The Disecration (Official Pandemonium Anthem)” – Co-Production, Mix & Mastering

“Like’m Raw (with Defiant)” – Stereo Mastering

Major Lazer

“Aerosol Can (feat. Pharrell Williams)” – Assistent Engineer

“Blaze Up The Fire (feat. Chronixx)” (Rocky Wellstack Remix) – Stem Mastering


“Fuck The System Remix” – Stem Mastering

Marc Acardipane

“Awakening 2017 (Official Pandemonium Anthem)” – Stem Mastering


“Caste Creed And Color” – Stereo Mastering

“Lead Yourself” – Stereo Mastering

“Missisipi Masala” – Stereo Mastering

“Natural Anthem” – Stereo Mastering


“Hammer (MoH Russia Anthem)” – Stereo Mastering

Miss K8

“No More Jokes (Unexist Remix)” – Stem Mastering

Miss K8 & Noize Suppressor

“Slam” – Mix

Mr. Bassmeister

“Sex Beast” – Mix & Mastering

“Executioner Of Death” – Mix & Mastering

Mr Madness

“Before We Go (Madness DJ Friendly Intro – feat. Dano)” – Stereo Mastering

“Crowleyhnism” – Stereo Mastering

“Grind Lesson” – Stereo Mastering

“Grind” – Stereo Mastering

“Godless” – Stereo Mastering

“I Am 666 (Mutante Remix)” – Stereo Mastering

“Madcore Lesson” – Stereo Mastering

“My Thick Outlaw Mind” – Stereo Mastering

“Punk Ass (feat. System 3)” – Stereo Mastering

“Real Fucking Deal (Twilight & Chem D Remix)” – Stereo Mastering

“Rule Of Honor (Hardbouncer Remix – feat. Cemon Victa)” – Stereo Mastering

“The Unknown” – Stereo Mastering

Mr Madness & Dep Affect

“Nerve Blocker” – Stereo Mastering

Mr Madness & Innovative

“The Invisible Hand” – Stereo Mastering

Mr Madness & Lenny Dee

“Hardcore Nightmare (feat. Tooms)” – Stereo Mastering

“Without Control” – Stereo Mastering

Narc & Satronica

“Killing Time” – Stereo Mastering

NeoX vs StereoType

“Yes Sir!” – Mix & Mastering


“Superstar” – Stereo Mastering

Nocturnal Ritual

“Sinnless” – Stereo Mastering

“The Crime (Who I Am)” – Stereo Mastering

Noize Bangerz

“Here We Go” – Mix & Mastering

“The Final Project (Project Hardcore Anthem)” – Mix & Master

Noize Suppressor

“Appetite For Destruction” – Mix & Mastering

“Bad World” – Re-Mastering

“Bouncing In The Ghetto” – Mix & Mastering

“Bone Crusher” – Re-Mastering

“Body Rockin (feat. Multiplex MC)” – Mix & Mastering

“Circus Of Hell” – Re-Mastering

“Disco Ballz” – Mix & Mastering

“Ears Bleed” – Mix & Mastering

“Fingerz” – Re-Mastering

“Fuck The Washing Machine” – Re-Mastering

“Hardcore Junky” – Re-Mastering

“I’m Running Shit” – Mix & Mastering

“Im Nin Alu” – Mix & Mastering

“Jackass Sperm” – Mix & Mastering

“Kiss” – Re-Mastering

“Let These Motherf_ckers Know” – Mix & Mastering

“Loose My Mind” – Re-Mastering

“Man On A Mission” – Mix & Mastering

“Manna Be Ruff (feat. Multiplex MC)” – Mix & Mastering

“Movin Quickly” – Re-Mastering

“Mysteryland ’00” – Re-Mastering

“No Enemy (feat. Multiplex MC)” – Mix & Mastering

“Nobody Likes” – Re-Mastering

“Nobody Stop The Sound” – Mix & Mastering

“Noize Supressa” – Re-Mastering

“NoizeGee (feat. Rob Gee)” – Mix & Mastering

“Overdrive” – Re-Mastering

“Party Animal (feat. Mystery MC)” – Mix & Mastering

“Party Motherfuckerz (feat. MC Syco)” – Re-Mastering

“Pole Position” – Re-Mastering

“Pump Da Shit” – Mix & Mastering

“Rage Against The Cage (feat. Satronica)” – Mix & Mastering

“Second Raid (Carnival Of Doom Anthem)” – Mix & Mastering

“Top A Top” – Re-Mastering

“The Flow” – Re-Mastering

“The Power Of Unity feat. MC Syco (Official Fantasy Island Anthem)” – Mix & Mastering

Noize Suppressor & Angerfist

“Back With The Hard Street Shit” – Mix & Mastering

Noize Suppressor & Bodyshock

“Smack This” – Mix & Mastering

Noize Suppressor & DJ Mad Dog

“Bassdrum Bitch” – Re-Mastering

Noize Suppressor & Drokz

“Fingers In The Air” – Mix & Mastering

Noize Suppressor & Hard Driver

“Meet My AK” – Stereo Mastering

Noize Suppressor & Nosferatu

“Never Let Go” – Stereo Mastering

Noize Suppressor & StereoType

“Never Look Back” – Mix & Mastering

Noize Suppressor & Tha Playah

“Headshot (feat. MC Nolz)” – Stereo Mastering

Noize Suppressor & Unexist

“War Zone (feat. Satronica)” – Mix & Mastering


“Fucking Stupid Dance Music” – Stereo Mastering

“Plague Of The Demons” – Stereo Mastering

“Sorry Bootleg” – Stereo Mastering


“Ola” – Stereo Mastering

Osny & DJ Ash

“Bad Remix” – Stereo Mastering

Outlaw Bros

“Bazz Checkerz” – Stereo Mastering

“Put Your Handz Up” – Stereo Mastering

Peace Treaty

“Titus” – Assistent Engineer

Rob Gee

“Hard Sweet Cöre” – Co-Production, Mix & Mastering

Soumya Sejpal

“H.F.H” – Stem Mastering

“Free” – Stem Mastering


“AK 47” – Mix & Mastering

“Blackout” – Mix & Mastering

“Boom” – Mix & Mastering

“Domestic Violence” – Mix & Mastering

“Fuck It Up” – Mix & Mastering

“Get Fucked Up” – Mix & Mastering

“Hit Me” – Mix & Mastering

“Hush” – Mix & Mastering

“Monky Business” – Mix & Mastering

“Ravestorm (feat. MC Syco)” – Mix & Mastering

“Screw You” – Mix & Mastering

“Strike” – Mix & Mastering

“Technologic” – Mix & Mastering

“Underground Level (feat. MC Syco)” – Mix & Mastering

Stereotype & Tommyknocker

“Punk” – Mix & Mastering

System Overload vs Drokz

“Click Bang” – Stereo Mastering

Tensor & Re-Direction

“Desolation” – Stereo Mastering

“Face The Outbreak feat. Mc Tha Watcher (Toxicator Anthem)” – Stem Mastering

“Up N Ill (Bootleg)” – Stereo Mastering


The Creaturez

“Back In The Days” – Stereo Mastering


“A Decade Of Syndicate feat. Mc Tha Watcher (Syndicate Anthem)” – Stem Mastering

“Doom Of Humanity” – Stereo Mastering



“Blaze It Up (feat. The Void)” – Mix & Mastering

“Bullet In My Teeth” – Mix & Mastering

“Devil’s Son” – Mix & Mastering

“Fraud” – Mix & Mastering

“Guns Blazing (feat. OGM 909)” – Mix & Mastering

“Questa e Hardcore (feat. OGM 909)” – Mix & Mastering

“Shitting Teeth (feat. Delta9)” – Mix & Mastering

“Underground Existence” – Mix & Mastering

“Why The Fuck Not (feat. OGM 909)” – Mix & Mastering

Unexist & Crisis

“Music Is My Weapon (feat. Tooms)” – Mix & Mastering


“Are You Ready” – Mix & Mastering

“Cocqui Bounce” – Mix & Mastering

“Domo Arigato” – Mix & Mastering

“House FM” – Mix & Mastering