About New Loud Mastering

New Loud Mastering was founded by Mixing and Mastering Engineer Alex Geibel. After working in studios in Hamburg, Las Vegas and Amsterdam he moved back to Germany to proceed his mixing and mastering work with a focus on electronic hard dance music. In the past 7 years he has been involved in an average of 80-100 songs per year and brings a lot of expirience to make your tracks shine.

About Alex Geibel

Alex Geibel was born in Kazakhstan and grew up in Germany. He started playing guitar when he was 12 years old. At the age of 16 he began to produce his own music in genres such as Hip Hop, Pop and Dance music. After finishing high school he signed up for the audio engineer course at the School of Audio Engineering in Hamburg and finished this course head of the class. Right after getting the SAE Audio Engineer diploma he went to Berlin to get a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in audio production at SAE Berlin and Middlesex University London. During this period of studying, Alex Geibel started assisting on commercial studio projects. Furthermore, he began to work as a Front-of-House Mixing Engineer for several Bands and Events. Till this day he says: “FoH-Mixing is the best Mixing School one can ever attend. Every Mixing Engineer should do Front-of-House Mixing for a while to get really good at mixing”

In 2011 Alex Geibel started working as the in-house songwriter, producer, and engineer for the German music publishing company “Hartmut Kiesewetter Musik Verlag” in Hamburg, until August of 2013. During that time he was responsible for 14 officially released LPs and he mixed and mastered more than 350 songs. Besides his work at the publishing company Alex Geibel was also heavily involved in several different side projects in Hip Hop and Dance music. One of the more successful projects was “Bit Bangerz”, which reached top 20 placements in the German Black Charts and the top 80 placements in the Swiss Dance charts. Alex Geibel was responsible for the full production, mixing and mastering of this project. Furthermore, he did several live and DJ performances with this project.

With the intention to share his knowledge and help out the next generation of producers and engineers, in 2012 he began writing as a free author for delamar – Germany’s biggest online magazine for recording and music production.

In November of 2013 Alex Geibel moved to Las Vegas to assist Grammy Nominated Mixing and Mastering Engineer Luca Pretolesi at Studio DMI. During that time he has been involved on tracks from artists like Diplo, Lil Jon, Pitbull, Ludacris and Gareth Emery just to name a few.

After six months living in Las Vegas Alex Geibel moved back to Europe, this time to the Netherlands. Always looking for new challenges, he decided to get more involved in hard dance music – his prefered type of music. This worked out very well. Quit soon he was involved on mixing and mastering work for artists like Noize Suppressor, Unexist, Rob Gee and DJ Mad Dog. Lots of his masterings had several top 10 hard dance charts placements and have been released on labels like Masters of Hardcore, Dogfight, Enzyme, Noize Records, Industrial Strength Records, Dequinox, Activa and Dutch Master Works.

Alex Geibel is head engineer at New Loud Mastering and besides the hard dance music he is still heavily involved in the mainstream dance music with completed work for Artists like Major Lazer, Brigth Lights, DJ Vice and Rocy Wellstack.

In collaboration with NL-DJ and Noize Suppressor in 2016 he gave a series of Masterclasses including a class where he was working with the students on their songs. Alex Geibel is eager to share his knowledge and help upcoming producers and engineers to get better and make sure the music of the future sounds even better than the present.

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