Your Number 1 Mixing and Mastering Service for Hardstyle, Hardcore and every other Hard EDM subgenre

Welcome to New Loud Mastering! We are specialized on professional Mixing and Mastering services for electronic hard dance music. We help labels, producers, artists and DJ’s to bring their songs to the next level. We got more than 10 Years of experience in the electronic dance music scene. We produced, mixed and/or mastered several Number 1 songs in various charts. The entire Dance Music Scene is a highly competitive market. If you want to make the next step and stand out, you’ll need great music with an outstanding sound. We can give you that professional edge to help you seperate from the rest. Out of our own experience, we know how much time and effort goes into writing, recording and producing a song. That’s why we treat every single project with utmost care. No matter, if you’re a beginner or a well established artist. We cover a wide range of electronic dance music. We worked with high profile artists in genres like EDM, Trap, Subground, Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore, Speedcore and Frenchcore. Unlike others we’re very familiar with distorted Kick-Drums and Synthesizers and we know exactly how to make them shine and stand out. New Loud Mastering is located in Germany. Especially, in hard dance music we got credits on songs with industry leading acts like Angerfist, Miss K8, DJ Mad Dog, Noize Suppressor, Unexist, Rob Gee, Hard Driver, Tha Playah and many more. Our work was released on Labels such as Masters Of Hardcore, Dogfight, Enzyme Records, Industrial Strength Records and many more.